About Cynthia


Cynthia is a driven, charismatic and passionate entrepreneur, health consultant, life coach and well-being professional for over 35 years.

Among many significant achievements, Cynthia produced a line of anti-aging products with Joy Weston (www.JoyWeston.com). In addition, working with RX Formula Anti-Aging products, Cynthia brings more than 20 years of experience in the Skin Care Industry. Including working with RX Formula training over 140 Doctors in Caracas on Glycolic Acid Peels.

She also boasts over 30 years of experience in Aromatherapy, Rolfing, Reflexology, Gourmet healthy cooking and all of the goodies that you will find in her book.

Cynthia strives to share her insightful knowledge through her work as an author, particularly through her acclaimed work “T.I.P.S."

This is a powerful book that collects a wide range of information and, well…TIPS about what to do if you want to make a difference and change your life for the better. Leading a healthier and more balanced lifestyle is not only a great thing for your body, but also for your heart and soul.

Cynthia has been in the Event Planning business for over 30 years catering to powerful clients like Liza Minnelli, Harry Belafonte, Andy Warhol, Gloria Steinam. Cynthia boasts an extensive and enviable background.


  • Education: La Varenne, Paris France
  • WPVI TV – Weekly cooking show on “Simplified Gourmet Cooking” in Philadelphia, PA
  • Cooking School on “Simplified Gourmet Cooking”
  • Her extensive travels learning about foreign cultures researching their natural healing remedies (herbs and body techniques), cuisine and aromatherapy (essential oils)
  • Published recipes on “Carry Out Cuisine”
  • Restaurant Reviews for Philadelphia Magazine
  • Guest Speaker on numerous TV and Radio Shows such as:
  • Cynthia Cariseo Events and Yacht Charters
  • Studies with Wayne Dyere, Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay
  • A Course In Miracles.....Conversations With God....The Path to Least Resistance.....Silva Mind Control


This traditional East Asian technique has come a long distance. This "gift" as they call it in Asia dates back over 5,000 years. The parents would teach their children and has been handed down to family members for centuries. In Ancient China, some would use a silver coin to treat their bodies. Gua Sha is a part of acupuncture therapy which is proven to balance the meridians of the body, promoting a more balanced flow of circulation throughout the system. Historically, Gua Sha has been indicated for any issue in the entire body.

This incredible gift is now being brought into the United States. Doctors, Massage Therapist, Spas, and Natural Healing Centers all over the country are now practicing Gua Sha.

For more information Gua Sha: Visit www.pacificcollege.edu The Science of Gua Sha by Arya Nielsen, PhD.


"I have been studying and practicing Gua Sha for years working with different tools (Reconstructed Jade, Bone, Onyx) . I have never used such an incredible Gua Sha Tool. Pure Jade is a healing stone and has an energy that no other semi-precious stone has. The first time I used this stone, I truly looked 5 years younger." - Cynthia Cariseo, Dania Beach, Florida