"I am a full time dancer. My knees and shoulders are in constant pain. Cynthia turned me on to Gua Sha and all I can say is that when I use the Gua Sha tool on these areas, all the pain goes away. When I travel, I take my Gua Sha with me." 
- Asia Kim, Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL

"I have major back and shoulder issues. Cynthia turned my husband onto the Gua Sha. Wow!!!!! She did one session on me and I woke up the next day without pain for the first time in years. I do Gua Sha at least twice a week now along with my husband and all I can say is that I have no more pain in my body and neither does my husband." 
- Fred and Ellen Kaplan, Philadelphia, PA 

"I have resisted Cynthia’s healing tips for years. One day she literally yelled at me and the next day I came to her for a Gua Sha Body De-Stress treatment. OMG….I have no pain in my body anymore. She also turned me on to the Paraffin Wax treatment for my arthritis in my hands. Between the Gua Sha and the wax treatments I am now able to move in fingers. Cynthia also whipped up a formula with her essential oils for my mother’s psoriasis and the itching and skin tone completely changed and my mom isn’t itching anymore. My mom calls it Cynthia’s Witches Brew….. All I can say is that Cynthia knows her stuff." 
- Judith Deal, Charlotte, NC

"I have to tell you about this Gua Sha Jade Tool from China. I was crippled and could not open my hand since my surgery. After one treatment I can completely open my hand. My knee was burning up after using the stone and the next day I had no pain in my knee. And my lines on my forehead are completely gone and my skin looks incredible. Thank you and the Jade Tool from China." 
- Karen Gatemen, Aventura, FL